Overdrafts [noun]

Definition of Overdrafts:

inability to pay debts

Synonyms of Overdrafts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overdrafts:

Sentence/Example of Overdrafts:

The Prince has had an overdraft; you will give me a statement; that's all!

We are saved; the overdraft will be paid off, and we are in smooth water again.

The law has at least stopped the overdraft, but we still lack the $500.

No money was drawn out of the bank by Cowperwood & Co. after that to create an overdraft.

Suppose it were a check on an overdrawn account; would Providence intervene to prevent an overdraft?

Then I can lift the notes, square my overdraft, and meet the mortgage payments.

To begin with, you certainly want money, or at least an overdraft and plenty of credit.

The bank held against this overdraft Sullivan stocks at the promotion price.

It had come into the bank on October 10th along with other collateral to offset an overdraft on the part of Cowperwood & Co.

The poor man has none of these, and therefore cannot obtain that overdraft which is one of the first essentials of bankruptcy.