Overdressed [verb]

Definition of Overdressed:

put on one's best clothes

Synonyms of Overdressed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overdressed:

Sentence/Example of Overdressed:

It was everywhere the painted and the overdressed that drew the roving eyes.

One was small and overdressed, with fluffy hair and China blue eyes.

Brown and Smith were met by an overdressed individual, "Do you know that chap, Smith?"

They are overdressed and perspire easily and as a result "catch cold."

I surmise that Percy felt she was overdressed, and that made him awkward with me.

A small lawn can be overdressed as is sometimes the case with women.

They have come to drink the fresh milk, these pretty, overdressed children.

Remember this: it is always better to be underdressed than to be overdressed.

Near me, on a sofa, reclined a young Jewess, stout and overdressed.

It is the haunt of the river swell and his overdressed female companion.