Overdue [adjective]

Definition of Overdue:

late, behind schedule

Synonyms of Overdue:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overdue:

Sentence/Example of Overdue:

And Joe Nelson had not yet returned from Forks; he was at least five hours overdue.

We are overdue now for my tryst with this new governor at New Chicago!

She crawled on, do or die, and people at home began to think of posting us as overdue.

The turnkey snarled, "She was posted as overdue three days ago."

The president had threatened him if he did not pay what was overdue.

I'll say this for Sonntag—he's been overdue for a croaking this long time.

He passed the flagman, going like a brunet typhoon ten days overdue.

Hoxer was glad that he was due and overdue to be gone from the locality.

The overdue steamer was just arriving as we set foot on the quay.

My hotel bill was overdue and my little drug stock exhausted.