Overfed [adjective]

Definition of Overfed:

heavier than average

Synonyms of Overfed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overfed:

Sentence/Example of Overfed:

He used to say that the bourgeoisie, the smug, overfed lot, had killed them.

They were not overfed; I never saw youngsters so much let alone.

He was not as tall as Broom, and he looked soft and overfed.

I am glad you are not one of your gross, overfed men, Deucalion.

Not only baffled in his search, but lost, like an overfed Gorgio, on the moor.

She gave her card to the overfed menial, who read it—and it was no business of his!

On the other hand, trees suffer as much or more from cold if underfed than if overfed.

You've the passions of overfed lap dogs with atrophied appetites.

My designing is beauty wasted on the blindness of the city's overfed.

Short, overfed, bandy-legged and squint-eyed, the whole lot of them.