Overgrow [verb]

Definition of Overgrow:

infest, spread over; exceed

Synonyms of Overgrow:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overgrow:

Sentence/Example of Overgrow:

It is to be feared that this new Madrid will overgrow all that is left of the old city.

The trees do not come in bearing early, and are not suitable for dwarfing as they overgrow the quince stock.

Genius grafted on womanhood is like to overgrow it and break its stem.

They overgrow the dwarf stocks very strongly and thus do not have a very firm hold on the ground.

How had this subterranean vegetation contrived to pierce and overgrow the summit of the country?

We could not help growing; perhaps we wished to overgrow; but is there no such thing as ungrowing?