Overgrown [adjective]

Definition of Overgrown:

grown to an unnatural size

Synonyms of Overgrown:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overgrown:


Sentence/Example of Overgrown:

"Mr. Bellmer's an overgrown cherub with a monocle," I laughed.

At times they lost the trail, as it was overgrown with fern and berry bush.

He looked like a huge, overgrown schoolboy with a corked moustache.

I saw it from my window; I saw also how the grass had overgrown the pavement of the street.

It was a moor at the time of the battle in 1485, overgrown with thistles and scutch-grass.

The hill slopes are overgrown with myrtles and orange trees and roses.

There were more vines on the home—the study was overgrown—that was all.

The path was overgrown, and it was clear that for years now it had remained all but untrodden.

Here, too, was the old road, now overgrown with weeds and almost hidden from view.

The road that had led to the mill from the main highway was overgrown with weeds.