Overhang [verb]

Definition of Overhang:

bulge, hang over

Synonyms of Overhang:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overhang:






Sentence/Example of Overhang:

It was the overhang of the river, and when I dropped through I found myself in the water.

Always have I known that this danger must overhang you as a penalty for loving me.

The tool may overhang the lens by a quarter of the diameter of the latter as a maximum.

You will note that the sides of the top or seat have an overhang of ½ inch on each margin.

The men have not since ventured under the overhang of the poop.

The middle shelf is to have an overhang and will rest upon the rails.

In this shelter, under the overhang of rock, were three open sand cars.

They vanished under the overhang of the blockhouse's second story, made of logs.

At least the sun shines on the purple, and reflects the purple on leaves that overhang it.

Overbold, audacious; overhang, impend; overweigh, preponderate.