Overhasty [adjective]

Definition of Overhasty:

without much thought

Opposite/Antonyms of Overhasty:

Sentence/Example of Overhasty:

So he drew back and waited awhile, thinking he had been overhasty.

"You are overhasty, and forget yourself, Pedro," he said at length.

I have come to the conclusion, young ladies, that I was overhasty in my judgment.

He declared, that, if he should be overhasty, he would most assuredly ruin every thing.

The thane was overhasty certainly, but one does not think with pain gnawing at one.

How aptly has Matthew Arnold said, “O man, how true are thine instincts, how overhasty thine interpretation of them!”

Stay in your room; I will tell my brother that you need rest, and you must promise me not to be overhasty.

Do not close your eyes; and if you see that you have been overhasty, redeem the error before it be too late.

He did, indeed, blame the Egyptian's overhasty action; but he gave no orders for following up the galley.

Thus they would cut off their goodly promise of overhasty thirst for glory.