Overhauled [verb]

Definition of Overhauled:

redo, restore

Synonyms of Overhauled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overhauled:

Sentence/Example of Overhauled:

My ship's been drydocked and overhauled and she's in New York now loadin' for Manila.

Well, we've overhauled the lady; now whatever are we going to do with her?

But Armstrong is putting up a bluff and threatens to have it overhauled.

The running rigging had been overhauled, and it travelled handsomely.

Bit by bit Dan overhauled, at last taking the position indicated.

It was not until the next day that the runaway was overhauled.

They are "on the run" already, and unless attacked at once can never be overhauled.

The rest I have overhauled, and included in this re-collection.

He had overhauled the boiler at New Orleans, and reported it in first-rate condition.

There were no boats to be seen, while the davit-tackles were overhauled and the blocks in the water.