Overhead [adjective]

Definition of Overhead:

up above

Synonyms of Overhead:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overhead:


Sentence/Example of Overhead:

Overhead is the starry sky, bathed in the pale radiance of the moon.

Overhead the drawing-room windows shone with a cozy, warm radiance.

Overhead to the right swept the Great Bridge of my childhood.

It was the overhead cover, I fancy, that saved us this time.

Yes, Tom, but there again they get their power from an overhead wire.

Overhead, the night wind murmured; all about, the crickets sang.

Overhead the flying moon at that moment broke through a rack of cloud.

The sun was overhead, the heat was great, the odour was oppressive.

From overhead I heard Giuliana calling me in a voice that held a note of despair.

Overhead a bell was clanging by his orders, summoning the chapter.