Overhearing [verb]

Definition of Overhearing:

hear and pay attention

Opposite/Antonyms of Overhearing:

Sentence/Example of Overhearing:

Wishing to know what they were up to, I stole slyly to where I could overhear their proceedings.

Not another word of this just now, or they may overhear us.'

He was glad to be thus isolated—he could overhear no criticism or comments.

He tried to overhear their conversation but it was in a language which he did not recognize.

Then you must tell him, of course, even if you did overhear.

Yet I do believe that it was His will that I should come to overhear what is being plotted.

Their tone and manner were what you say,—so much so that I went away, not to overhear them.

The deliberation was a long, and, as I could overhear, a strongly disputed one.

Owing to the distance from his wife it could not have been possible for her to overhear these words.

It would do your master great injury were he to overhear them.