Overindulgence [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Overindulgence:

But meanwhile his will, too, has suffered from overindulgence.

As danger lies in overindulgence, this point cannot be too strongly emphasized.

Indiscriminate indulgence is to be condemned, as is overindulgence in exercise or eating.

The danger is in overindulgence and indigestion resulting in spiritual invalidism.

They all had to go, even little Stanislovas, who was ill from overindulgence in sausages and sarsaparilla.

Second, those who by overindulgence in marital relations, or by dissipation with women, have ruined their forces.

Not many continue to do so, and sooner or later there is almost certain to be an overindulgence.

It makes me quite miserable to see how you waste your money in the gaming houses, and ruin your health by overindulgence in wine.

All know the delirium produced by overindulgence in liquor, and the hallucinations that accompany fever.

The evil of overindulgence has, alas, swept in upon us like a torrent, overwhelming as a flood all classes.