Overlapping [adjective]

Definition of Overlapping:


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Sentence/Example of Overlapping:

However, the sight of the roses, overlapping the water-jug, pacified him; they smelt so sweet.

So each corner was formed by these interlacing and overlapping ends.

The overlapping plates (D) and the bolts (E) hold the joint rigidly.

The enemy, however, kept on advancing, and overlapping his force on both flanks.

They are all overlapping now, instead of lying side by side.'

It is in the overlapping belt that both should be freely used.

There is inevitably a certain amount of overlapping of the crafts.

They have no petals, and the four overlapping sepals are usually deciduous.

Even more caution is required to keep the divisions from overlapping.

We voiced our astonishment in an anthem of gasps and overlapping exclamations.