Overlay [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Overlay:

Ah, no; to overlay it with new shames, to groan over in new vigils.

There is a disagreeable saline flavour that we cannot remove nor overlay.

The top is covered with a Swiss overlay pattern, made of split sticks.

How we should tremble to overlay the record of it with our words!

But, it may be asked, what has become of the beds that overlay the granite?

The overlay of his, what, his inner beauty on that exterior, it disoriented her.

But if it were, it would be hard, if I could not overlay a young conscience.

This is shown in the beaten bronzes, thin plates of which were used to overlay wooden forms.

Not exactly, sir; but I allude to those drearier swamps of superstition and ignorance that overlay the land.

There is a disagreeable saline flavour that they could not remove nor overlay.