Overloaded [verb]

Definition of Overloaded:

weigh down

Synonyms of Overloaded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overloaded:



Sentence/Example of Overloaded:

I knew she was overloaded, and was afraid of the effects of a gale.

Of course it is easy to say that it is extravagant, overloaded and debased; and so it may be.

That and the moving of his lips was all he seemed able to manage in his overloaded state.

Overloaded, the bulges' screens flared through the spectrum and failed.

With our overloaded sledges this has been a hard day's work.

The stomach and bowel are overloaded: they must be cleaned out.

Children are pushed in their studies and overloaded with too many subjects.

The college professor is overloaded with fourteen classes a week.

Every century is an overloaded ship that must sink at last with most of its cargo.

The stomach is liable to be overloaded with indigestible feed.