Overlong [adjective]

Definition of Overlong:


Opposite/Antonyms of Overlong:


Sentence/Example of Overlong:

Ah, that delight, it was not overlong And I pay dear with sorrow for brief song.

Your tongue is overlong, John, and I am weary of its endless clack!

His antlers, this year, had been late to mature and overlong in the velvet.

Nowhere is there an overlong development or anything that bewilders or alienates.

I inquired as a starter, after we had driven for an overlong time.

"'Twill be overlong for the captain," said Dennis, with a smile.

You have been overlong on your journey and we have been waiting for you.

“I trust, Master Preston, that you will not be overlong in recovering,” he said as he turned to leave the unfortunate fellow.

This characteristic scene, which has delayed me overlong, was but a moment in that day of exercise and agitation.

The nation must have then consisted of young readers, when a diminutive volume in twelves was deemed to be “overlong.”