Overlooked [adjective]

Definition of Overlooked:


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Sentence/Example of Overlooked:

Seizing the lamp from the hearth, she hastened to the window that overlooked the street-door.

Napoleon had been at his favorite resort,—the grotto that overlooked the sea.

The manner of Lydia's conversion ought not to be overlooked.

Ariston was painting the walls of a room that overlooked the garden.

It overlooked the village and the river a long way up and down.

There is still one circumstance, replied I, which you seem to have overlooked.

I take shame on myself that your fortunes have been overlooked.

And the loss fell where it could never be overlooked for a moment,—on their joy in their child.

Here was a new way out, developed in a quarter until then overlooked.

The Chretiennot's rooms were on the third floor, and overlooked the courtyard.