Overly [adverb]

Definition of Overly:


Synonyms of Overly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overly:

Sentence/Example of Overly:

He's not overly much pleased with you this minute, doctor, and that's the truth.

Through it all, he remained calm; impatient, perhaps, but not overly so.

Only one who was overly technical would have noted the circumstance at all.

The fellow did not seem to be overly anxious to keep his watchfulness a secret.

Also I have heard that they are in debt to our landlady, as well as that she is not overly kind to them.

It was all of the same unesthetic barrenness, and not overly clean at that.

She was not well and her mind did not appear to be overly bright.

This is called congenial, and an overly congenial person is an "affinity."

For it was but little better than five feet in stature and not overly broad.

But the boys were not overly anxious to get back to the oasis at once.