Overpasses [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Overpasses:

It is, in fact, so mean and abject as almost to overpass belief.

As the outcome of this, promises are apt to overpass the powers of fulfilment.

What a ring-fence of horror and contagion for all comers and goers to overpass!

I believe he just mentioned the overpass over the Elm Street.

Were the people on the overpass in a fairly tight group, or spread out over the overpass?

Do you have any reason to believe that any of these shots might have come from the overpass?

As we were approaching the overpass there, Mr. Lawson remarked that there was an officer on the overpass there.

As far as you can recall, were all the people you saw on the overpass within the sight of the policeman on the overpass?

And are you certain in your own mind that they did not come from the overpass?

This may have resulted from my feeling, when I looked forward toward the overpass, that we might have ridden into an ambush.