Overpopulated [adjective]

Definition of Overpopulated:

packed with inhabitants

Synonyms of Overpopulated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overpopulated:

Sentence/Example of Overpopulated:

Of course we don't run at that rate, or Flora would be overpopulated.

The South of pagodas and palm-trees, the overpopulated Hindu South, was done with.

There was a general belief that the country was overpopulated.

England, with her five or six millions, was not overpopulated by modern standards.

Its object is to bring over orphans and children of the poor from the overpopulated Dutch provinces.

Mars is smaller than Earth, only part of it is warm enough for Earthmen—so Mars got overpopulated, too, a few years back.

Is it not to be feared that the land will soon be overpopulated?

When the cold and damp summer of 1845 brought the potato rot, the little, overpopulated island was facing dire want.

The slopes, as far as the judge's son could see on either hand, were like the warrens of an overpopulated rabbit world in hiding.

I have cited this case as one of the proofs in my hands that the country is not overpopulated, as has been so frequently stated.