Overpowers [verb]

Definition of Overpowers:

beat; get the upper hand

Synonyms of Overpowers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overpowers:

Sentence/Example of Overpowers:

He would take her in spite of that; overpower her; force her to go.

The plan of the conspirators had been to shoot down the horses and overpower the escort.

No, not all: but you overpower me with your wit; and I cannot stand the 'lightning of your eyes.'

I am afraid your wealth and his (Antisthenes') combined may overpower me.

You, even more than I, are bound to see that the Assyrians do not overpower us.

Her complaint was like an admission that he could overpower her will.

There was something so awful as to overpower all habitual obedience to Uncle Thomas.

It don't look anything if there is light to overpower its own brilliancy.

He had determined to overpower him if he could and get food.

There was in her so much of impulsive generosity that he had expected to overpower her scruples.