Overpraise [noun]

Definition of Overpraise:


Synonyms of Overpraise:

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Sentence/Example of Overpraise:

With his patients he was so perfect at all points that it is hard to overpraise him.

Nothin' damages a gal, a preacher, or a lake, like overpraise.

It would be difficult to overpraise the work of this traveller.

Overpraise and mispraise him as anybody may, he cannot be overpraised for this.

It is difficult to overpraise the ‘Imaginary Conversations.’

It is possible to overpraise Balzac in parts or to mispraise him as a whole.

This was all he said, but it was very sweet to Lalie, who had never been spoiled by overpraise.

It would be difficult to overpraise the charm of Pasadena and its environs.

It would not be possible for any man to overpraise the glories and beauties of Florence in those days.

I might be misled by the fatiguing sort of annoyance of overpraise—of worship in fact.