Overran [verb]

Definition of Overran:

defeat, invade

Synonyms of Overran:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overran:

Sentence/Example of Overran:

In Greece it was first the rude Hellenes who overran the Pelasgians.

That divine pity which only a woman can feel filled and overran her heart.

Then crossing the Adda, they overran the country as far as Milan.

They infested the ships, they overran the wharves, they traversed the sewers.

The Boxers, practising their mystic rites, overran the district.

The English took advantage of these disputes, and overran the land.

By 1840 it was probably known to the trappers who overran the country.

It showed rustily through the creeping vines which overran it.

Last time they overran this country they burned the Alexandrian library.

They clung to the wood—they overran it, and leaped in hundreds upon my person.