Overreach [verb]

Definition of Overreach:


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Sentence/Example of Overreach:

Now in regard to this bread, the Papists do overreach themselves.

She had taught him to get money; that it was shrewd and praiseworthy to overreach and deceive.

Well, then, let me tell you that you will not overreach and deceive the Duke.

She knew this, and was resolved by caution to overreach those who dogged her so closely.

No man could overreach him, excepting only those to whom he gave his heart.

He can work in the dark because he does not need the light to study your face and overreach you.

My only fear is that the villain will overreach me in anything I may attempt.

Sometimes they overreach themselves in the desire to be quick and they make a miss.

There is no disposition to steal, or even to cheat, or overreach in dealing.

If it were a partnership discovery there would have been no chance for one of you to overreach the other.