Overreaching [verb]

Definition of Overreaching:


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Sentence/Example of Overreaching:

She saw he was in deadly earnest, but believed he was overreaching himself.

A boy who proposes to go as far as he can is in the way of overreaching himself.

I act as a conscious enemy, overreaching them and utilizing their heedlessness.

Three things that ruin every chief: falsehood, overreaching, parricide.

He was covetous, and never missed an opportunity of overreaching his neighbour.

Both of them were fearfully anxious for the result that was pending, and each had his plan for overreaching the other.

By this adjective 'smart' is to be understood 'sharp, overreaching'—in fact, a cleverness verging upon safe dishonesty. '

In buying and selling, the law of nations connives at some cunning and overreaching in respect of the price.

He seemed a man who would drive careful bargains, but who was too large-minded and honest to be mean or overreaching.

He worked hard and enjoyed his work, on the sole condition that he was engaged in overreaching someone.