Overridden [verb]

Definition of Overridden:

cancel, reverse a decision

Synonyms of Overridden:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overridden:

Sentence/Example of Overridden:

You have--what-you-call--ridden over--overridden what I propose, what I try to do.

If he has been overridden he may not succeed in rolling completely over.

Very likely they are good horses, but they have been starved and overridden.

The invasion had overridden all law, all custom, all understandings.

It is only for a moment that some one has overridden your will and obliterated your true self.

Dorothy was opposed to the idea and she said so, but her opinion was overridden by the two men.

For many years, legal restraint had been overridden in San Francisco.

The rights of others only represented something to be overridden.

If any other life had been in peril but my own, duty to another might have overridden all.

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