Override [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Override:

I yield to no man in my sense of duty, and I allow no private considerations to override it.

Yet how was it possible for him to stand ready, for her sake, to override the laws of his own land?

He did not distrust her; he only feared her ability to override the difficulties of her mission.

He supplied the trappings of science, without the authority to override O'Donnell.

Security is the primary, which must override the secondary, aim.

Corporations must either be governed by the law or they will override the law.

If you don't want them to override you, be careful to keep them well down.

Kerk seemed to be in charge, at least he was the only one with an override transmitter.

He does not override the constitution, and treat it as if it were a nullity.

If he had given way to Slaughter he was not going to allow any one else to override him.