Overrule [verb]

Definition of Overrule:


Synonyms of Overrule:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overrule:

Sentence/Example of Overrule:

I had set "Finis" to that chapter; was fate minded to overrule me and write more?

He had not shown the ability to overrule with reason his animal instincts.

Judge Russel: I overrule that question, and you need not answer it.

He does not say, I will so overrule all others that no one shall slay thee.

Other men may overrule other women, perhaps; I know my place too well.

Was it mere slavishness of mind on my part not to overrule her timid will?

But he was reassuring and confident, and she allowed his judgment to overrule hers.

I am sure that God will overrule this outbreak for the good of China.

Methinks pride in our Philip should overrule grief at his loss.

At other times Janet had seen him overrule them ruthlessly; humiliate them.