Overruled [verb]

Definition of Overruled:

cancel, reverse a decision

Opposite/Antonyms of Overruled:

Sentence/Example of Overruled:

But the opposition was overruled, and the triumphant result silenced all opposition.

In this intention he was overruled by his brothers, who said that they could not part with him.

The verdict of 1840 could not have been overruled twenty-one years later.

She was overruled by the friends of Clunie, and he hastened to his ruin.

The prisoner then challenged one of the jury, but that challenge was overruled.

The Kaiser, without doubt, was overruled by the military party.

Gaston seemed to demur, but Félice overruled him imperiously.

I will tell the great Council of Public Safety that they have been overruled by a maid.

The legate, overruled her protest, refused her appeal, and summoned her back.

Cole Younger was opposed to going so far from home, but was overruled.