Overrules [verb]

Definition of Overrules:

cancel, reverse a decision

Opposite/Antonyms of Overrules:

Sentence/Example of Overrules:

They all acknowledge a Supreme Being that overrules all things.

Because I owe a duty to Him who rules and overrules all things.

Such was the reward of their virtue from Divine Providence, which overrules all events.

All may be well if she overrules this terrible necessity as she may.

But this only proves that God is stronger than devils, and that he overrules the wrath of man.

"International Law overrules Municipal Law" must be said to be the maxim of this school of thought.

Once upon a time, through that Destiny that overrules the gods, Love himself gave up his immortal heart to a mortal maiden.

Agamemnon shrinks from the sacrilege, but she overrules his scruples, and he complies.

Everybody has opinions, and overrules the "jedge" next day, or not, as the case may be.

The absence of the blockading force removes liability, and might (in such cases) overrules right.