Overseen [verb]

Definition of Overseen:

manage, supervise

Synonyms of Overseen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overseen:

Sentence/Example of Overseen:

She might have been overseen from the orchard, but no one ever went in there except to gather the fruit.

He had overseen the construction of the launch and knew all about it from stem to stern.

An examination, however, overseen by Roger, and bitterly resented by him.

Ay, sir, a good fellow may sometimes be overseen among friends.

It was overseen by the National Committee, consisting of twenty-four presidents of large international unions.

Each division of fighters and workers was overseen by an officer; in some cases by two and three.

Sir Timothy, I am concerned that you, whom I took to understand canes better than anybody in town, should be so overseen!

Mr. Harley of late has said nothing of presenting me to the Queen: I was overseen when I mentioned it to you.

You see, the little woman really was worn out, for she had overseen everything.

With the efficiency of a business man, she has attended to my household, overseen my plantation, and managed my entire affairs.