Overshadowed [verb]

Definition of Overshadowed:

make obscure, dim, vague

Synonyms of Overshadowed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overshadowed:

Sentence/Example of Overshadowed:

The deep gloom that had overshadowed the land had been relieved by one single ray.

The question that overshadowed all others, however, was that of the Irish Church.

But like all such overshadowed delights, their end came swiftly, ruthlessly.

The absurdity of the idea, to the girl's mind, overshadowed even the surprise of it.

All his better thoughts and feelings were overshadowed for the moment.

Was she kindly treated while overshadowed by her terrible infirmity?

Him then, having thus spoken, the end of death then overshadowed.

Those young lives must not be overshadowed by a sick man's whims.

So Italian literature has always been overshadowed by Latin literature.

Indeed the whole English life of this period was overshadowed by Germany.