Overshoot [verb]

Definition of Overshoot:

omit, avoid

Synonyms of Overshoot:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overshoot:

Sentence/Example of Overshoot:

For an instant he had a quick fear that he might overshoot his mark.

All was well as yet, but he didn't want to overshoot the mark.

The door in the Overshoot's side opened and they got out quickly.

"Heads for Overshoot," he said, and caught the coin on the back of his left hand.

By standing on he was afraid that, should a passage exist, he might overshoot it.

"Say about a couple of thousand ounces and you overshoot it," Peters answered.

I probably do not overshoot the mark when I say that there cannot be less than ten thousand.

Miserly people often overshoot their mark, and it was so in this farm-house.

But it also makes him careless and liable to overshoot the mark.

She might own herself a self-seeking worldling, and she did not overshoot the mark.