Oversights [noun]

Definition of Oversights:

failure, omission

Synonyms of Oversights:

Opposite/Antonyms of Oversights:

Sentence/Example of Oversights:

But those who judge thus are guilty of a most remarkable act of oversight.

By any thinking man the effect of this oversight will be instantly perceived.

"He calls an oversight forgery, sir," returned the latter huskily.

"Nor I either," said he, half chagrined, for his move was an oversight.

This word is in the original text printed twice by an oversight.

Morgan regretted his oversight in leaving the badge in place.

Neither was there oversight, save to keep the prisoners from escaping.

If I happened to forget, he wasn't backward in remindin' me61 of the oversight.

"If you didn't it must have been an oversight," says Mr. Robert.

No one could doubt that an oversight on the part of the guard had caused the catastrophe.