Oversize [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Oversize:

It is preferable however to remove the oversize by means of screens at the pit.

Just cut a hole in it with the oversize can-opener you'll find in the tool box.

He had large, red hands that were fitted with oversize knuckles.

I knew she was oversize, but she now appeared a fair match for Falstaff.

The professor indicated an arrangement like an oversize drawing board.

Just cut a hole in it with the oversize can opener you'll find in the tool box.

Not that Bill was clumsy at all, although he thought he was, as most men do who belong in the oversize class.

The major darted forward, looking for all the world like an oversize kewpie doll.

Illustrations are oversize to show the flaking more clearly.

Now slugs from oversize rifles came buzzing about me, crashing through the fuselage.