Oversized [adjective]

Definition of Oversized:


Synonyms of Oversized:

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Sentence/Example of Oversized:

There was a rumbling hum, as of an oversized washing-machine in operation.

Matt glanced up at an electric clock with an oversized second hand.

The inverted semicolon is represented as an oversized semicolon ;.

She realized Quillan was on his feet beside her, the oversized gun in his hand.

And she patted the oversized pocketbook that lay in her lap.

The flies were there all right, but so were a good many other oversized creatures.

He was an enormous cat, and his purr was as oversized as his body.

It looked like an oversized mushroom protruding from the sand at an angle.

He looked like an oversized comma of something vague and luminous.

"Put me down, you oversized Venusian jerk," said Roger, almost good-naturedly.