Overspread [adjective]

Definition of Overspread:

flood, overrun

Synonyms of Overspread:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overspread:


Sentence/Example of Overspread:

We reached Penrith as the grey of dawn had overspread the sky.

A vivid flame of scarlet had overspread the Duke's countenance.

But the radiance that now overspread it was from an inward source.

Watching her he beheld the scarlet stain that overspread her face.

The stern, dark face of the Alcalde was overspread by a grim smile.

The snow has overspread the earth and kept it warm all these months.

A grayish tinge, absolutely foreign to it, had overspread his face.

The banker turned away his face to hide the gloom that overspread it.

Peaceful shadows enwrapped the house and overspread the lawn.

A flush of astonishment—of indefinable emotion, overspread her face.