Overstuffed [adjective]

Definition of Overstuffed:

heavier than average

Synonyms of Overstuffed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overstuffed:

Sentence/Example of Overstuffed:

Parker sank into an overstuffed chair not far from a window.

He was sunk deep into an overstuffed chair and there was a can of beer at his elbow.

It is one thing to lounge on an overstuffed davenport and read about the injurious effect on women of long hours of standing.

Heinrich rolled one of the overstuffed chairs noiselessly to a position about six feet from the desk.

The living room had a rug, overstuffed furniture and an organ.

I found also that the plan worked equally well with skins which had been overstuffed, or otherwise badly made.

"Another useless tongue in my overstuffed head," he murmured, and then the hypnophone took over.

Isabel snuck into the guest bedroom and settled into an overstuffed armchair at a penumbral corner.

If in his mind there dwelt the memory of an overstuffed drawer with reams of paper covered with verses, he said nothing.

She opened a door, walked across the room, sat down in an overstuffed chair, and crossed her legs meticulously.