Overtaken [verb]

Definition of Overtaken:

catch; pass

Synonyms of Overtaken:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overtaken:

Sentence/Example of Overtaken:

On her way there she had overtaken Robin's wife wheeling Robin in a bath chair.

By the time we wind down into the valley of the Lot night has overtaken us.

She looked like a culprit whom direst vengeance had overtaken at last.

And would they really have died, do you think, grandmamma, if the two men had not overtaken them?

She presently answered, "O papa, I am glad you have overtaken me."

He might yet have overtaken her, but he knew that he had lost her.

They were too swift to be overtaken, but no match for the Spanish in battle.

He was overtaken by a constable who had a warrant to arrest him.

He was stunned by the suddenness of the catastrophe that had overtaken them.

He was however, overtaken, and carried into captivity to their towns.