Overtakes [verb]

Definition of Overtakes:

catch; pass

Synonyms of Overtakes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overtakes:

Sentence/Example of Overtakes:

The people with the cart could not overtake me, and I returned.

If he walked fast he might yet overtake his friends ere they reached their destination.

No horse that the stragglers have stolen can overtake Gypsy.

I thought you'd get wool-gathering over some weed or another, and maybe I'd overtake you.

Judgment might overtake them there, as it might at home, in house or field.

If I wanted such a fate to overtake him I should only have to let him alone.

We had to stop several times and wait for Duncan to overtake us with his boat.

“Perhaps by hurrying I may be able to overtake Dick,” was his thought.

Please direct me how to go in order to overtake him, General Putnam.

Nor was it difficult to overtake him, for he was going a foot-pace.