Overtired [adjective]

Definition of Overtired:


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Sentence/Example of Overtired:

Always afraid he was, that I would be gettin' overtired or something.

Mrs. Wilcox had been overtired by the shopping, and was inclined to hysteria.

He was overtired with his walk of the day before, and then ate something that disagreed with him.

The news of the suicide came to him when he was overtired from work.

She was so silent all the way home that her companions were sure she was overtired.

I thought Margot was simply an overtired and imaginative child that evening.

I was thinking it was a pity if Miss Sylvia has overtired herself.

It is very bad for a man to get overtired when he is no longer young.

But if I didn't—if the poor baby was overtired and overworked—is it your fault?

She is overtired, but she is the kindest, most tender-hearted woman in the world.