Overtures [noun]

Definition of Overtures:

introduction, approach

Synonyms of Overtures:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overtures:

Sentence/Example of Overtures:

It was the overture to this work which caused so much difficulty to Corelli.

But it was only the beginning of the overture, and she sat down laughing.

Arlt's overture was to have its first hearing, the week before Thanksgiving.

They were in their places just a few moments before the overture was played.

He has nothing but the piano concerto, an overture he wrote in Germany, and some songs.

You have first given me the overture and now the curtain is to rise.

It was she who had in fact been injured, and the overture should come from the other side.

Pike had fashioned well the time and manner of this overture.

The overture is a confused, formless number, indicating the darkness.

Unlike Handel's other oratorios, there is no overture or even prelude to the work.