Overweigh [verb]

Definition of Overweigh:

make obscure, dim, vague

Synonyms of Overweigh:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overweigh:

Sentence/Example of Overweigh:

As for you, say what you can, my false will overweigh your true story.

Overbold, audacious; overhang, impend; overweigh, preponderate.

That is a most excellent reason, but I shouldn't let it overweigh common sense.

“Do,” said Sylvia, but the cordiality in her voice seemed to overweigh it.

Determination and hope and confidence may overweigh the life side.

Now in what case would this difference be so important, as to overweigh even the single inconvenience of multiplying compacts?

In this present book (and in it only) the illustrative work may be said almost to overweigh and stifle the idea illustrated.

Even though there may be many monetary or economic reasons in favor of certain occupations, the danger may overweigh these.