Overwhelms [verb]

Definition of Overwhelms:

flood, beat physically

Synonyms of Overwhelms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overwhelms:

Sentence/Example of Overwhelms:

Like a sentinel on that solitary plain it overwhelms me with a sense of mystery.

And in an ecstasy he overwhelms me again with suffusing sobs and embraces.

Only there is my own choler, which overwhelms me; I fret that I cannot live for a moment happy.

The Parrot-house only overwhelms when the birds begin to sing.

When the news of her father's remand reaches Maria, it overwhelms her with grief.

There is in Versailles a family which overwhelms me with marks of their friendship.

That is the thing that overwhelms me at times—the awful suffering every way one turns.

She overwhelms Mrs Housman with her gush and her pretended silliness.

Wild with grief she overwhelms Gunther with violent accusations.

But it is the courage of the noble creature that overwhelms me.