Overworks [verb]

Definition of Overworks:


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Sentence/Example of Overworks:

His master, who was naturally a kind man, did not overwork him.

It's a heap onadvisable when addressin' us to overwork that word "barbarian."

It might have been illness, or it might have been anxiety, or it might have been overwork.

He thought her case not very serious—the result, he said, of overwork.

Yes, I am a little oppressed just now with overwork, nor is this avoidable.

He looked fifty, but this was partly the effect of overwork.

"I doubt if it is anything but overwork and fatigue," said the doctor.

Wally was like a tonic to her during these days of overwork.

At his books Robert did fairly well, but he was not likely to overwork himself.

He had been on short rations for three days and was weak from overwork.