Overzealous [adjective]

Definition of Overzealous:

self-important, dictatorial

Synonyms of Overzealous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overzealous:




Sentence/Example of Overzealous:

Nor, on the other hand, was it overzealous in pressing its own claims too far.

The politicians, as a rule, are not overzealous for your success.

Those young officers are—they are—let us call them overzealous.

“Nearly did for me, my overzealous friend,” said Cleek, after a time.

The overzealous trustee had exactly expressed his own wishes and anxieties.

Others have met with accidental death in melodramatic scenes at the hands of their overzealous brother actors.

Overzealous culturists usually like to turn things around, but revolving cliffs are not in the natural order of things.

He has to restrain the overzealous, to stimulate the indifferent, and encourage the despondent.

Millions were spent by the overzealous in machinery and mills not adapted to the country's needs.

Al could not help laughing, and this evidently angered the overzealous deputy.