Owe [verb]

Definition of Owe:

have an obligation

Opposite/Antonyms of Owe:




Sentence/Example of Owe:

In view of the violence you made use of, I consider that you owe my son an apology.

He didn't like to owe anything to other people, not even to Prissie.

I owe no thanks to Mrs. Whitney, with her prunes and her prisms and her penny-pinchings.

Yes, I'm afraid I owe a lot of money, but must we—just to-night?

We owe the discovery of this important document to Mr. Newman Flower.

I cannot tell you how lovely I find it, nor how happy I am; and I owe it all, all to you.

We owe it to the sex, Renny, to give 'em a chance at reforming us.

I owe him an old grudge, and will find a time to pay it yet.

Certainly, also, you have paid back all you owe me with a Jew's interest.

I owe it to your friendship not to torment you with unnecessary apprehensions.