Owed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Owed:

They owed me every thing, like you—their gratitude was unbounded, even as yours.

I have said that the Carters owed their little farm to the creek.

I pitied him; I owed him hospitality; but it seemed intolerable that he should be there.

Mimi put in many words of how much Siegfried owed for all this care and trouble.

I did not even tell her that I owed the worst and most lasting of my wounds to Philip.

Well, I owed him a long score, and I have paid him off in full.

Besides, Trapper Jim declared he owed the fox skin to Ed, anyhow.

This invaluable trait she owed largely to her grandfather's wooden leg.

For a month or so the rich Englishman to whom she owed her means had been absent, travelling.

Mansfield owed nothing to his noble relations, who were poor and uninfluential.