Owned [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Owned:

He now owned a great deal of water-front, twice as much as before.

It was the most expensive piece of jewelry Grace had ever owned.

And now even she herself hardly realized that she had ever owned to any other call.

For now the few classic books they owned, so cold and dry, existed no longer.

The MacDermotts have owned this shop a powerful while, as your ma tells you many's a time.

The earth was theirs and the fulness thereof, that part of it which they owned.

I owned it all, and insisted we never could have brought the ship in, unless we had got the gin.

He owned that the copy of the register had been found by Lilburne in a secret drawer.

Betty, it must be owned, has an admirable memory on these occasions.

That wasn't it yet,—he had not owned his Master in the answer.