Owners [noun]

Definition of Owners:

person who has possession of

Synonyms of Owners:

Opposite/Antonyms of Owners:


Sentence/Example of Owners:

Even the most sanguine now gave her up for lost, including the owners.

When we got in, the owners had failed, and there was no money forthcoming, at the moment.

The owners of the ship, too, had done all they could, liberally.

The owners of the factory wasted no time in fruitless sorrow.

By the owners of the property, I suppose, if you wouldn't tell on them?'

Our owners took big chances, it was no trade for nervous men!

He gave them human shape, and placed them as owners in the houses of the village.

Do you suppose the owners of the road will make any objection?

They not only put it over on the judges, but none of the other owners are wise.

You will say, 'The owners of slaves are not generally in any fear of them.'